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Our cats L'Dearheart Leilani Loa Valentine and L'Dearheart Tiki Loa Scooter Pi were purchased through Firenza and Diane. We realized the responsibility that goes along with owning these beautiful animals when we saw how rare they actually are. There are currently only about 120 in the USA and around 250 in South Africa and abroad. So our decision to breed our two was made. (Mom and daughter team)

Our cattery name is R'Sweethartz and we are simply the owners of the most splendid cat breed trying to do our part to preserve them. Thankfully Alida Delport taught me how to chart every litter & all of the possibilities of following litters through the pedigrees.

A "dollface" is a name breeders gave kittens that are in between a traditional persian & a standard peked "flat" faced persian.

Leilani & Scooter had 2 kittens in their first litter, Leilani’s Dusty Rose and CMK’s Mini Scoot, and 4 kittens in their second litter. These are in both of the photo journals listed in our archives.

They were the first of our lovelies. To do our part to save the traditional chinchilla/shaded silver persians we have created a small network of people who put the animals first as a part of their families but also become a part of our breeding program. Each of our cats & their offspring are carefully matched with their mates A) for the healthiest kitten outcome B) to best help widen our very small gene pool .

Our cats are PKD Neg; FLV/FIV Neg; CFA registered Chinchilla and Shaded Silver & Golden Persians. We do not allow them outside so they aren't exposed to potential health threats.

Our kittens stay with their mother until they are 3 1/2 months old. This is the protocol for the CFA as well as most purebred cat breeders.  They also learn their cat behavior from their mother.

As you can see by the photo journal link we take a photo diary of all our kittens so you can see them from birth until 4 months when they can go home with their new families.

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**** We are currently attempting to update the site due to the extensive amount of information within. Our latest kittens can be viewed on our blog feed.
Yes we are still having several litters a year even if there are any current pix or litters posted.
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Max & some of his offspring - Max came in second set of cats we brought from South Africa
- 2nd litter w/ Callie
-Only litter w/Lucy