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Wampum Grooming Products
Greyhound 7 1/2 " Grooming Comb:
The Wampum products are imported from South Africa. The biewerhouse site is for Biewer Yorkies however and is the only site that carries an extensive selection of Wampum in the USA.  Because it's a dog site there are some products for cats they do not carry.
Pet Stain remover:
***This is our latest most favorite new product. Since we are a multiple cat household this product is a Godsend!  Anyone who has  an unfixed male or female, or both, knows the pee wars that can occur during heat season. This product absolutely works. I give it a five star, two thumbs up glory hallelujah rating!!!

Best cat information show:
This is where we got the hot tip about the Fizzion, though Jackson  Galaxy didn't mention it by name he did suggest a CO2 boosted cleaner and we found it by googling.  "My Cat From Hell"  on Animal Planet is like the "Dog Whisperer" only for cats. Many have wished for & received the hope for their beloved pet in this cat behaviorist. Once again we give it a stellar rating of 5 stars.
Face Comb:
4 1/2 " Buttercomb (All Coarse)  :
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Pet Edge- Item #ZC451041 - Teflon Anti-Static Pet Comb Medium/Coarse,
7 1/2-In