Misty is the second from the right here. She was born with the whitest head.
Misty is on the right, Leilani is on the left. This is during summer shed which is why Leilani seems so thin; most of the persian hair has shed leaving the fine silky angora. Notice the look on Misty's face, she is done with being pregnant. This was taken at 40 days.
What can we say about Misty except that she is very inquisitive. We have the most pictures of her when she was little because she was the one who always got caught.

She has her Daddycat's boo-boo eyes which gives her a very serious look, but she is very playful in nature. Sunny her play buddy has been bummed indeed since Misty has slept quite a lot while pregnant.
Here is Misty and her new arrival Hope.
Click on the image to enlarge.
Misty on her fave pillow.
Misty stretching out.
Hope was born with an all white head just like her Mom.
Here she is in a tennis sock. Since she was so small she needed to be kept warm. The first week was stressful.
First day eyes are opened
Hope 7/15/12
10 Days old
Hope 7/19/12
2 Weeks Old
Hope 7/20/12
2 Weeks Old
Hope 7/26/12
3 Weeks Old
Lola 8/2/12
4 Weeks Old

​This picture was taken with a phone cam. I zoomed the eyes so you can see how they change to blue before an olive green to their permanent color at about 3 years old.
Here I am with my Gramma Leilani. She thinks I'm hers.
Here I am with my Daddy Scooter. Why does everyone have to clean me?
Here I am playing with my Mommy Misty.
I learned how to hop, clean my face, scratch my ears and balance this week. This is why I have a scratch on my eye.

Here is a little video clip of me meeting my Daddy for the first time.

Gramma Judy gave me a couple of new toys today. My new pink mouse and these dangling ribbons. 8-4-12
8/9/11- Lola Belle Hope 5 Weeks Old
I am growing very quickly now that I learned how to eat solid food. I went from 11.7 oz to 12.8 oz in 2 days.
As you can see by my spiky hair (Who needs hair gel?) I have 2 Mammas Misty & Leilani constantly licking me. I won't get my first real bath for another week or 2. 
I have learned many new things this week (all taught to me by Gramma Leilani) : hide & seek, running fast, jumping straight up in the air & sideways, playing with big sister Dusty, eating solid food, using the scratch post, sticking my back leg up in the air to clean my pantaloons and last but not least using my litter box.
I'm on the left Mommy Misty on the right at the same age.

I am a very smart kitten. You & Payton will probably be able to teach me tricks like my relatives in the Fancy Feast commercials.

I am a hunter cat. My sister Sunny and brother Benji don't like this bird, but I love it like my Mommycat Misty. Misty leaps & twists in the air to get it.

Did I mention I love my pink mouse? I am honing my mousing skills & playing with Mommy Misty & Gramma Leilani.

Here's scratching post, climbing and jumping practice, Gramma Leilani is a good teacher.
Well I am now 6 weeks old. I weigh 14.6 oz (I will probably be 1 lb next week) and am VERY busy.

The picture to the right is Benji at the same age in the same pose. As you can see I am tinier but I am a girl.
I got to venture out from the girly room into the big boy room. I played with my brother Benji and even my DaddyCat Scooter. I found his favorite hidey hole in no time at all. (bottom middle)
Lola Belle & Benji
Lola Belle & Scooter
Lola Belle
7 Weeks Old
I now weigh 
1 lb 1.4 oz
Notice that my different layers of both Persian & Angora are starting to come in. Soon my silver tips will be barely noticeable.
Ummm I have discovered plants this week.
I love to play hide & seek as you will see in my new video. I hope Payton will play with me lots.
Big Bro Benji loves to play with me.

Did I mention that I love to play hide & seek? This glider is my fave to run in & out of.

Here I am playing hunter with my Daddycat Scooter. 

Here I am showing big bro Benji that this bird is nothing to be afraid of. He has been afraid of it up until now.
Here is Lola Belle's first bath 8/26/12. She was a champ.

Lola Belle's first bath part 1

Lola Belle's first bath part 2.
This is the chinchilla escape move.

Lola Belle's first bath part 3.
She is very fast. 
Here is Lola Belle after her first bath.
Notice that her hair is getting longer & her darker spots are fading.
Lola Belle at 8 Weeks, she now weighs 1 lb 4.2 ozs
I'm sorry to say Lori but in calling Lola Belle it sort of became Belle & then Bellie then Bellie Boo. We are attempting to call her Lola Belle as much as possible though:)
Here is Lola sleeping on Gramma's lap. She loves to be on your chest & lap.
Lola is very social & unafraid. Here she is with Boycat. In the second you can see Papa Scooter looking on. In the third Benji comes in to play with her.
Notice that her hair is going from short & fuzzy kitten hair to longer hair in different lengths. It is very fine angora. Here are the shots from the front.
As all Dearhearts are she is very touchy with her paws.
Here are her right side shots.
Here she is from the left.
Here she is from the back.
On friday her eyes went from the turquoise blue to this greyish green. They will continue to change now until she is around 4 years old. Notice also that the pink is now coming in in the center of her nose.
This is what they looked like at 4 weeks.
Bella at 9 & 10 weeks
I'm sorry for the lapse this last week. As of 9/16/12 she weighed  1 lb 10.4 ozs
One day I heard mom yelling she'd lost Bella. I walked in & there she was inside the 3rd level box of the cat tower.
Within minutes she was in the 4th level box. I included different perspectives of the tower so you can appreciate our fright.
This is Bella playing on the 4th level box. We finally blocked above the 3rd level with books. I went in a couple of days later to see her up on the 5th level box & still don't know how she got up there. Sister Dusty was blocking her from getting up on the 6th level.
Did I mention that Bella is a diva?
She loves to drap herself over pillows.
Bella is now 11 Weeks old.
She weighs 1 lb 12.4 ozs
Bella is growing in leaps & bounds, literally! She leaps from the fifth level to the bed. It makes your heart jump.
Bella's angora is almost an inch longer than her baby fur. It is very soft and wispy.
Just in case you missed her signature Dearheart eyes, check them out:) 
(As if you can miss them huh?)
Bella is 12 Weeks old now.
She weighs 2 lbs 1 oz, Yeaaa!!
She is a very busy kitten. Today she will get her immunizations:(

Who says I'm spoiled?
I am sorry to say I fell a little behind with photos. Here are the most recent pix of Bella. As of Thursday 11/8/12 she weighed 3 lbs 2.9 ozs.
Here is Bella on her new cat Power Tower given as a gift to our lovelies by Michele, Mozart, Chanel, Picasso & Noelle
Bella wore herself out and just plopped down where she was. (She does that)
Her she is on the Printer.
Here is Bella doing her absolute favorite thing, getting into plants! 
Here are Bella's pix from today
Here's Belle with everyone's buddy Sam