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  Things to be aware of when purchasing a Dearheart Chinchilla Silver Persian

The Fancy Feast Engagement commercial has made the Dearheart Chinchilla Silver Persian very desirable. This line is very rare as stated previously and there are few of us who actually have this Dearheart line to breed to keep the line pure. There are some who have the "Traditional Chinchilla Silver Persians" but do not have the Pedigree to prove an all Dearheart lineage.

There is only a guess-timate of how many Dearhearts currently exist. The highest concentration of them is in South Africa. (Maybe a total of 150+) In the USA there are fewer. (Maybe on the high end 100+) Which conservatively leaves us with maybe 250+ in the world.

We are looking to breed one of our females in her next heat cycle (any day now) Once bred it is about 61 days (2 months) until birth. Then another 16 weeks (4 months) before the kittens can go home to their new families. Being on a waiting list seems like it takes forever, but with so few of us breeding these incredible creatures it becomes a must.            

Here are some helpful hints when looking to buy a Dearheart Chinchilla Silver Persian, to assure the safety and health of your new kitten.  

#1 Your kitten should be 16 weeks old. This is the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) protocol and is the protocol that Diane (L'Dearheart), the current Authority of the Dearheart, uses. It is for the safety of the kitten since as a purebred animal it doesn't have some of the immunities of a domestic kitten. Even a simple veterinary visit at this early age can endanger the kitten. (Think about it, people don't just take their animals to the vet when they are healthy but when they are ill.) Also, they learn their cat behavior from their mother so keeping them with their mother until they're 16 weeks helps make a better pet.

#2 Our price is $1200 for either a male or female. We've brought our prices alongside of Diane as "The Authority" of the Dearheart, since it is good business practice to charge neither under nor over their price.  Our cats were purchased directly from her. Our goal, and hers, is to get our kittens into the hands of loving homes. ( The deposit is $200 and is non-refundable)

#3 Be aware that there is no "teacup" or "dollfaced" Dearheart. These are usually people who are either using it to boost sales or they may have Dearhearts up their line but do not have the Pedigree to back it up. If there isn't a Dearheart Pedigree it isn't a Dearheart period. (You can contact us or Diane to make sure.)

#4 Be aware that the major Airlines promise safe pet courier service but have fallen short time & time again. I have known many flight attendants and have heard stories similar to the following. Most recently they lost a cat (I cannot even imagine sending one of our precious and rare kittens in this manner.), talk about a horror. Our recommended transport is either a private courier jet:
Link for pet courier jet:

or booking a flight and taking the kitten as a carry on. We are willing to assist in any way we can. Do we lose sales over this? You bet!

This link shows that the  major Airlines still can't guarantee the safety of your pet. We advise you read it if you are thinking of sending a 16 week old kitten by the major Airlines. This just happened this summer (2011): 

Serious inquiries only please