Our reservations list is now open

***Please read the kitten policies and check the box on the form stating you have read our policies.

Policies for Kitten deposits/reservations:

Ranking amongst deposit payers is firstly by deposit amount, then by date of deposit.

We reserve the right to change allocation if a prospective buyer wants to breed vs spay or neuter for a pet. (Due to the small gene pool)

As from 2011 the following conditions apply:

The  minimum deposit amount is currently $200.
Higher amounts are acceptable up to the full price of the kitten.
**Keep in mind allocations are done ranked by the deposit amount.
A deposit may be cancelled by the prospective new owner. ( The deposits are non-refundable, however if we are able to sell the reserved kitten we will refund all of the deposit except a $100 administration fee)

We reserve to right to revise the guide price for kittens each year. However, the sell price for a kitten will be linked to the year of deposit.

Example: In 2011 the guide price for a Dearheart Chinchilla /Shaded  is $1200. If the price increases the next year, but the deposit was made in 2011, the deposit payer will still get the kitten at the guide price in the year when the deposit was made.

We reserve the right to cancel a booking, in which case the full deposit will be refunded. Kittens booked must be paid in full before collection at an age prescribed by the registering body's etchics rules. The CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) protocol is 16 weeks.